Carly Jaye Smith


"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein

Carly Jaye Smith is a self-taught artist from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Using an expressive portrait style, she creates her pieces with various mediums and a range of materials as her canvas. Carly most enjoys recycling industrial products like wood scraps into pieces of art that can inspire and touch the heart instead of go to waste. Her subjects vary from influential actors and athletes to music legends, landmark locations, as well as personal passions. She thanks the influence and support of her loved ones along with her own creative curiosity for the pieces in her portfolio thus far. 


Carly remembers having a strong imagination and a craving to be creative from a young age. She credits most of her artistic pop style to her fascination with Marilyn Monroe,

"Marilyn Monroe's story introduced me to Andy Warhol and he alone changed my view on what defines art, all while showing me how pop culture images influence us every day and everywhere." 

Carly explains that it was the Warhol quote, "Art is what you can get away with", that encouraged her to sit down with her first blank canvas. Three bottles of acrylic paint later, a passionate hobby brought on Carly's addiction to find out what it was she could "get away with". Little did she know she was painting herself a future art career.

"I use that quote as my mantra. It gives me a confidence that no matter the outcome of what I create and what I create it with, it is art either way."

After spending 4 years travelling back and forth from Saskatchewan to Toronto expanding her art business, Carly currently resides in her hometown of Moose Jaw, SK. She currently has her work represented by two art retailers in downtown Toronto, Art One & the Blue Banana Market, but also through her growing online store of original artwork, framed prints, clothing & home decor.